Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Matchsuite Different?

We saw a distinct need in the marketplace to serve startups by saving them time and money in the naming process. Since most domain marketplaces are designed around seller’s, our objective was to reverse engineer​ the model and build a buyer centric domain platform​. We strive to provide a valuable service to buyers by doing all the hard work upfront in order to distill the best domains into a qualified pool of digital assets. This enables you to browse our collection of names without having to worry about quality, price or availability. Simply identify the best domains within your budget.

What Exactly Am I Purchasing?

Matchsuite offers brandable domain names for startups and entrepreneurs. When you purchase a domain name and that domain is transferred to a registrar of your choice, you become the owner of that domain name. It is your responsibility to maintain any annual renewal fees as required by the registrar. The only fees paid to Matchsuite is a one time purchase for the name. Domain names are digital assets which can be bought, sold or developed for use in commerce.

How Do You Define A “Brandable” Domain Name?

We define “brandable” domains as names that can enhance your business with a distinguishable flavor. We offer invented or
keyword names that have the potential for open ended use. These types of names may provide hints and linguistic qualities that
can create an emotional tie to a brand, but don’t necessarily have a specific meaning. Brandable domains empower the smart
marketer to craft distinctive messages for their future brand.

How Does The Purchase & Transfer Process Work?

Once you decide to purchase a domain on our marketplace, we contact you to determine your preferred payment method and
process for receiving the domain at your registrar. We provide secure third party transactions using Popular domain
registrars that we utilize include GoDaddy, Enom & Uniregistry. Once we receive your payment we will initiate the domain transfer
process for you. If the domain is owned by Matchsuite, we can typically push you the domain within a day of payment.

If the domain is owned by a third party seller, we will utilize and the process usually takes 1 – 4 days depending on how
responsive both parties are. In this case, funds will not be released until you have confirmed control of the domain name in your
Registrar account. We recommend speaking to us over the phone or on live chat so we can walk you through the simple process in
advance. We have conducted thousands of domain transfers over the years, so we are very familiar with the process.

What Payment Options Do You Accept?

We offer multiple payment options for clients. Our secure payment processor accepts all major forms of payment including
Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Paypal, Discover or bank wire. Domains can be purchased directly off our website or by utilizing an transaction. If is the preferred method, there is a small additional transaction fee that you will incur to
utilize their service. We’ve simplified the purchasing process to make it easy for you and are always available to talk.

Do You Lease Domain Names Or Offer Payment Plans?

We currently do not lease domain names or offer any payment plans. Our goal is to identify high quality domains at a reasonable
price. This saves you time and money since all domains are sold at a fixed price.

Does My Domain Purchase Include The Logo?

Yes, however most buyers are purchasing the domain name to realize their own vision for the brand. We are happy to email you the
logo files when the domain is transferred to you. Can I Make An Offer For A Domain Name?
The value we provide to buyers is that all of our domain names come with fixed pricing to avoid lengthy price negotiations. What we
encourage you to do is work with one of our domain brokers to determine your budget and objectives in advance. This way you can
be assured that you can obtain the best domain within your price range. You can always make an offer, however our domains are
set at a fixed price for a reason.

Are Matchsuite Domain Names Trademarked?

No. It would be an impossible task for us to trademark the domains because trademark applications typically require an “intent of
use” when applying and domain names could be used for all different kinds of businesses. While we don’t guarantee a trademark
for any of our domains, we do our best to try and identify the domains that have a high probability of securing a trademark based on
our experience. You should consult your legal counsel for opinions on any trademark decisions or applications.

How Often Are New Domains Added To The Marketplace?

We normally add new domains to the marketplace on a daily and weekly basis. We recommend chatting with one of our live domain
brokers so we can help match you to the perfect domain at no additional cost. Working with a domain broker is a good idea
because once we have a good understanding of your objectives we can help to narrow down the ideas for you. This is our concierge
level service that we provide all clients with free of charge.

What’s The Best Way To Use The Matchsuite Platform?

You can browse names at your leisure or enlist the help of our domain brokers who can quickly sort and sift to find you the best
ideas. There is no cost to speak with a broker and it’s the ideal way to help you find the perfect domain quickly.

How Does The Advanced Search Bar Work?

You can click on the “Advanced Search Bar” in the middle section of the website which brings up 5 choices for search. You can
browse all of the domains or limit the search by keyword, invented, premium, or trending. Premium domains are typically domains
that are priced above $10,000. Trending domains are domains that have been given a high ranking by other users for popularity.
You can also search by price in any of these categories by toggling the price bar back and forth.

Can I Save My Favorite Names & Come Back Later?

Yes. Simply click the red “heart” symbol above each domain and it will automatically add the domain into your “Favorites” list which
is found in the upper right hand corner of our website.

Does Matchsuite Have A Refund Policy?

Refunds and exchanges are not allowed once an order has been placed, with the exception being that the domain seller fails to
initiate the domain transfer within 7 days of purchase.

What About Purchasing Domains Protected By Trademark Rights?

The buyer must research whether or not their desired domain may be subject to any trademark or intellectual property protections.
Matchsuite prohibits the purchase or sale of any protected names. Refunds and exchanges are not permitted once an order has
been placed and a domain name transferred.